Ex-vegan eats raw organs because it gives her a ‘high’ and ‘euphoric’ feeling.


Ex-vegan eats raw organs because it gives her a ‘high’ and ‘euphoric’ feeling.

An ex-vegan who now eats raw organs claims that eating hearts, liver, and kidneys makes her feel “euphoric” and “high.”

Erica Dobeck has been documenting her unusual diet on TikTok, in which she chomps down on animal parts that she admits taste “bad.”

Her videos show her eating beef kidney, heart, and liver, as well as chicken feet (after painting the talons pink), pig ears, and blending liver into a smoothie.

Dobeck, who hails from southern California, claims that her diet has a lot of health benefits, but it also has some drawbacks.

“No, I don’t really enjoy eating it,” she said in a series of videos, “but I do enjoy the benefits it brings me.” So it’s worth sacrificing taste in order to feel great. Supplements are popular, but I prefer the source.

“So the reason I eat it like this, straight from the source, is because I don’t get a sense of euphoria when it’s cooked, because nutrients are lost during cooking,” says the author.

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Erica Dobeck’s original sound

“I only eat a serving in one sitting, about the size of your palm, and then refreeze it so that I can eat the entire organ over a few weeks, or even a month.”

“This is just my preference, and I understand that most people’s stomachs won’t be able to handle it, so please do what works best for you.” For me, this works. And as I said, I feel euphoric when it’s raw, not cooked.

“And in one sitting I only eat the size of my palm, so that’s like about 3.5oz.”

In one of her videos, shared last month, Dobeck added “all the B12 feels like a ‘high.’”

Her meaty diet is in stark contrast to the one she was on a few years ago, as Dobeck said: “I literally went from vegan to eating raw meat.”

She claimed that after initially feeling great on the plant-based diet, she noticed a change.

A dermatologist told her to incorporate meat products into her diet as she was deficient in zinc.

She said: “About two years ago I was vegan, and at first It was really beneficial for me, I loved how it. This is a brief summary.


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