During a traffic stop in Florida, a man was tased for twerking and resisting an officer.


During a traffic stop in Florida, a man was tased for twerking and resisting an officer.

According to a story, a Florida guy twerked for police officers after being pulled over last week, was tased, and then booked on a litany of offenses.

The entire conversation was captured on film by a passerby, who later published it on social media, where it has received over 28,000 views.

Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested 57-year-old Richard Wolfe on September 7 after he was discovered passing automobiles utilizing a median and a left turning lane, according to the Chronicle Online. Wolfe exited his vehicle after being pulled over, according to the arrest report acquired by the site.

When authorities ordered him back to his car, he resisted and “removed a knife from his waistline and flung it into the grass along the road.”

Wolfe eventually returned to his car, but it wasn’t out of deference; instead, he chose to insult the officers by dancing for them.

According to the Click Orlando, Wolfe remarked to the cops, “What are you afraid of?” “I have knives, and you have a gun!”

Drew Benefield captured the incident on film and uploaded it on Facebook. Wolfe is seen bending over, placing his hands on the road, and twerking. For about 20 seconds, Wolfe continues to ridicule the officer before strolling to the middle of the road and kneeling.

Officers then approach Wolfe, who retreats once more. An cop apprehends Wolfe as he tries to run, but he continues to fight arrest.

Wolfe was tased a second time, according to The Chronicle Online, and he refused medical attention for his injuries.

In some situations, Florida Statute 943.1717 allows cops to use stun guns. In this case, the officer was within his rights to tase Wolfe since he was actively resisting arrest and attempting to flee or escape.

In a Facebook post, Benefield praised the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, saying, “Great job Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.” “Play silly games and receive ridiculous prizes,” says the narrator. The arresting officer displayed excellent self-control.”

Wolfe was charged with reckless driving, resisting an officer without violence, and failing to stop or fleeing a law enforcement officer after an ordered halt, according to public arrest records from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. He is being held on a $3,500 bond at the moment.

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