Doctors discover a nail lodged in a man’s lung two years after he swallowed it by accident.


Doctors discover a nail lodged in a man’s lung two years after he swallowed it by accident.

In May, surgeons in southern China removed a rusty nail from a patient’s lung after he swallowed it accidently after a labor mishap and failed to seek medical assistance for two years.

According to a report issued Tuesday by the Minzu Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the male patient works as a carpenter in Tiandeng County in Guangxi.

In early May, Li was evaluated at a county-level facility as part of his therapy for a stomach ulcer, but scans found a 3 centimeter (1.18-inch) metallic item in his right lung, according to the article.

In 2019, while working on a construction site, the worker swallowed a nail by accident. After realizing what he had done, he panicked, but soon forgot about it since he felt no pain, according to the article.

Following a recommendation, Li was admitted to Guangxi Minzu Hospital on May 19.

“I was nailing a wooden board while holding one nail between my lips and another in my hand,” Li was quoted as saying in the paper. “When I whirled around, the nail slammed into my throat. Before I could respond, I swallowed it.”

“I had no discomfort and was able to eat and drink regularly. For weeks and weeks, I didn’t feel anything. I never went to the doctor because I assumed it had passed through my digestive system,” the patient continued.

The nail is thought to have gone down his windpipe before colliding with a bronchus and landing near the bottom of his right lung, where it had no effect on his day-to-day activities.

Similar instances would normally necessitate a routine endoscopy, according to Dr. Luo Qiang, deputy chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Guangxi Minzu Hospital. The amount of time since Li’s injury, however, made the therapy process more difficult.

The surgeon added, “We would normally go in endoscopically and retrieve it with a pair of forceps.” “However, because it had been two years, the nail had been encased in lung tissue and. This is a condensed version of the information.


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