David Moye’s threat to Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp after overcoming Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho


The Hammers are widely recognised as midfielders, and Liverpool have been up against them recently, particularly in Merseyside, but there is every reason to believe that the champions will face a tougher battle than many fans expect on Saturday, as David Moyes’ side have proved quite impressive so far this season.

After a tricky start to the new Premier League season, Liverpool face West Ham United at Anfield, which doesn’t seem particularly difficult considering that the Reds have already faced opponents such as Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton in their first six games, scoring 13 out of a possible 18 points.

Liverpool face West Ham in the Premier League on Saturday and it could be a trickier game than initially thought, with Moyes himself stunning Pep Guardiola.

West Ham beat Leicester and Wolves 7-0 and there was a draw with the Spurs and City. The Gunners were able to beat Moyes’ side, but Mikel Arteta was very lucky that day and scored three points.

The Gunners had probably the most difficult start of all the clubs that had played Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal, Leicester and Wolves, but – unbelievably – they only lost one of those games.

Moyes’ team seems to be very well suited for counter-attack football without possession of the ball. They seem to be very comfortable when it comes to pressure, which means Liverpool are facing a potential banana peel that cannot be overlooked.

The important thing is that the Hammers have performed to match their results, which suggests that they do not just benefit from luck and random moments.

Since the 2-0 defeat to Newcastle United on the first day of the season, which resulted in a 2-0 loss, only Pep Guardiola West Ham’s side have beaten West Ham in one match; against Arsenal, Wolves, Leicester and Spurs, they had a total of 56 shots and only 33 in their own end.

This is a difficult result to draw, especially when you consider that the English champions have to do without their most complete defender in Virgil van Dijk.

Jurgen Klopp’s men must combine two different skills to secure a win against West Ham; they must be creative and expansive enough to generate openings in the attack, but also well protected to prevent counterattacks.

Given the strength of the Reds, it is reasonable to suspect that Klopp’s team will have too much for the irons on this day, but they will probably be a riskier challenge than before and are likely to surprise many supporters with their level.


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