David Jason tells at the BBC Breakfast that he almost played a different character in the BBC sitcom.


David was on the show to promote a new book, but as expected, the conversation quickly turned to the time he had spent on the long running show.

Only the fool and horse legend David Jason appeared at the BBC breakfast this morning and revealed an inside secret from the famous sitcom that will shock some fans.

The star who played Del Boy was originally intended for a different role

The last episode of the show was broadcast on December 25, 2003, and the cast has been successful in several other shows to date.

Only Fools and Horses was first broadcast in 1981 and ran for three decades, including seven series and a variety of specials.

And David confirmed that he was originally meant to play the role of the grandfather in the series. The director and screenwriter, who had played similar roles before Only Fools and Horses, took on the role of the grandfather, which was played by Lennard Pearce until his death in 1984 and was reserved for David.

David appeared at the BBC Breakfast to talk to Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt.

David said: “When I responded to the interview with the director and (author) John Sullivan, because I had played so many silly old fart roles like Blanco in Porridge and the 100-year-old gardener in Hark at Barker, they thought I was destined to play the role of the grandfather.

Fortunately, as the English actor confirmed, this was not the case. BBC breakfast presenter Charlie Stayt asked, “You might have wanted to play the grandfather, is that right?

“When I said no, I wanted to read Del Boy, that’s the part, that’s the part I want, and so they said, “Well, see if you can read that, and the rest is probably history.


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