Cuba opens a center dedicated to preserving Castro’s writings.


Cuba opens a center dedicated to preserving Castro’s writings.

As part of commemorations marking the fifth anniversary of his death, Cuba opened a facility to preserve the writings of its revolutionary hero Fidel Castro on Thursday.

The Fidel Castro Ruz center in Havana is the first and only structure in Cuba named after him.

A regulation passed a month after his death in 2016 prevents institutions, squares, parks, highways, and other public spaces from being named after the former president and Communist Party leader.

The installation of monuments, busts, statues, or plaques in his name or likeness is also prohibited, as per Castro’s instructions, though this hasn’t stopped the spread of murals and posters in his praise on Havana’s streets.

The only exceptions are institutes dedicated only to “studying and disseminating his ideas and achievements.”

Castro, a national hero in Cuba but a monster in the West, died in 2006 and was succeeded by his brother and fellow revolutionary soldier Raul Castro.

Castro is recognized for establishing Cuba’s social welfare system, which includes universal healthcare and education. He led the revolution that deposed tyrant Fulgencio Batista in 1959.

Fidel Castro’s office at the Palace of the Revolution, which he took over from Raul Castro in 2018, is “how he left it on his last day there,” according to President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who took over from Raul Castro in 2018.

“I try to picture him in the midst of so many difficult battles over the years. It motivates and thrills me. And I’m still battling it out “said the president.


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