COVAX’s Vaccine Supply Outlook Has Been Cut by Over 100 Million Doses Following the Devastating India COVID Outbreak


COVAX’s Vaccine Supply Outlook Has Been Cut by Over 100 Million Doses Following the Devastating India COVID Outbreak

As a deadly COVID-19 outbreak hits India, COVAX’s vaccine supply projection has been lowered by over 100 million doses, according to the Associated Press.

One of COVAX’s primary suppliers is an Indian company that prioritizes domestic needs.

The move, according to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, a public health organization that oversees the United Nations-backed COVAX program, reduced COVAX’s expected dosage distribution total to just under 1.9 billion this year, with 1.5 billion committed to 92 poor countries.

It has only been able to distribute roughly 90 million doses so far, falling far short of the original target.

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The shortage is due to the Serum Institute of India, a key producer of COVAX vaccinations, redirecting supply to India’s needy population as the country’s government tried to combat an outbreak of the virus.

According to a Gavi official, recent dose-sharing announcements by rich nations like the United States who have or are on the verge of having a surplus supply of COVID-19 vaccines are expected to assist bridge the gap by several hundred million doses.

There are still several unknowns in the current supply prediction, such as when the Serum Institute will resume large-scale vaccine exports; approval processes for candidate vaccines like one from Novavax, another significant prospective provider; and when countries would actually donate doses.

The WHO has consistently asked wealthier countries to do more to relinquish vaccination stocks or rights to vaccines to compensate for unequal access to coronavirus vaccines. According to the report, the developed world has received the great majority of vaccinations thus far.

WHO authorities insist that timing is critical, with dosages needed right now to avoid the introduction of dangerous new variants like the delta variant, which originated in India and has been implicated for increasing COVID-19 transmission in several countries.

The updated prediction comes as Gavi’s board prepares to change how it works with over 100 middle- and upper-income countries and territories that also participate in COVAX but pay for vaccine access through it—so-called “self-financing participants,” or SFCs—on Thursday.

Many of the members, including the United Kingdom, Canada, European Union member nations, Japan, South Korea, and wealthy Gulf states, have secured other vaccine sources and have not profited from COVAX doses. COVAX is funded and supplied by the United States, but This is a condensed version of the information.


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