Couple sells stunning Snowdonia houses for only £3.


Martin and Sue Stephenson organize a raffle for their property Jerusalem Sacristy.

Two stunning £700,000 conversions in southern Snowdonia could be yours for just £3.

Not one, but TWO houses could be yours

The couple bought the building 16 years ago as a disused chapel, which was in a dilapidated state.

The houses have a total of seven bedrooms with private bathrooms and are fully equipped with sauna, whirlpool and baby wing.

The lucky winners will also receive a 5-star vacation apartment, Capel Jerusalem, for 10 people.

They admit to having a soft spot for old buildings, and Martin, a building surveyor, has a special interest in ecclesiastical architecture.

He explained: “We didn’t really know what we wanted to do with it, we only knew that it needed to be saved. We had carried out a few renovation projects, which basically meant that we had lived in a number of building sites, but we had never tackled anything on this scale before”.

Martin added: “Our original planning application was for six single-bed houses, as we fully expected the planners to convert them into affordable housing. However, they insisted that there should only be two houses.

Initially the couple made the building secure, but it took a few years and several discussions with the Snowdonia National Park before the work began.

“The building was so large that this was a challenge in itself, but it also gave us the opportunity to create two luxurious houses while retaining some of the character of the building, such as the beautiful ceiling details.

Sue explained that it was not an easy project and that what started as a purchase ‘on a whim’ has taken over her life.

She said: “It was really a case of blood, sweat and tears…. and our life savings. For the first two years of development, we both worked full-time.

“As soon as the sacristy was habitable, we closed our businesses so we could move into it and focus on the transition. We sold our house in Shropshire to finance the rest of the work on the chapel.

“On weekends we travelled to Snowdonia to manage the project and do what we could on site.

They worked long hours, in all weathers, and Sue remembers getting the short straw.

She added: “I spent many, many months on the scaffolding, through the winter, restoring and painting the windows, ready for double glazing. I wore seven layers of clothing and only stopped when the paint was beading off my brush or frozen in the can….


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