Concerns in Mink about Covid-19


Mink is at the center of the coronavirus problem overseas, in Denmark. Millions of the animal, which is estimated because of its fur, are to be euthanized.

It is a subject that affects mink farmers in our state very close to home. Wisconsin is the national leader in mink field production.

Thousands of minks died in Wisconsin last month as a result of the virus.

While there is no evidence that people here were affected, this is not the case overseas.

Health authorities in Denmark, who wear protective equipment normally seen in hospitals, are targeting mink farms to stop the spread of the corona virus. On more than 200 farms, infections have been found in the otter-like animals. Of greater concern is a mutated version of Covid-19, which officials say has been found not only in minks but in at least 12 individuals.

It leads to the mass slaughter of about 15 million minks.

The prime minister of the country says the mutated virus could affect the effectiveness of a future vaccine.

Denmark is one of the largest mink exporters in the world, and the killing could cost the industry nearly $800 million. But the government says the farmers will be compensated.

Residents throughout the infected region are advised to get tested so that officials can make sure the mutated virus has not spread further.

Farmers in Wisconsin are advised to increase safety measures when working with their mink. Mink is one of the few mammals known to infect and spread Covid-19.


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