China claims that by putting Taiwan on the agenda at Joe Biden’s summit, the US will embarrass itself.


China claims that by putting Taiwan on the agenda at Joe Biden’s summit, the US will embarrass itself.

On Wednesday, China retaliated against the US after the Biden administration revealed a list of attendees for a democracy-themed summit in December that included Taiwan.

Taiwan is the only country on the State Department’s list of 110 participants with which the US has no formal diplomatic relations.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian stated during a regular press briefing in Beijing that Beijing “firmly opposes the United States allowing Taiwan to participate in the so-called “Leaders’ Summit for Democracy.”

According to the Chinese government, the island is a separate province. Meanwhile, the United States takes no position on Taiwan’s sovereignty, considers its political status to be undecided, and wants disputes across the Taiwan Strait to be settled peacefully, “compatible with the preferences and best interests of the people on Taiwan.” Zhao continued, ” “We strongly urge the United States to adhere to the ‘one China’ principle and the Three Joint Communiques between China and the United States, and to avoid giving a platform for pro-Taiwan independence forces to carry out their agenda.

“Those who give “Taiwan independence” forces a platform will only shame themselves. Those who join the forces of ‘Taiwan independence’ in playing with fire will eventually burn.” “Democracy is not a patent that just a few select countries have,” Zhao remarked. Taiwan claims to be an independent country under its legal name, the Republic of China, which was a long-time ally of the United States until 1979. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-administration wen’s was elected with the goal of maintaining the “status quo,” which includes sticking to public opinion by refusing to declare de jure independence under the name “Taiwan.” Despite the fact that the political threshold for constitutional change on the island remains very high, China views Taiwan’s efforts to extend its international space as stealthy advances toward independence. That is to say, achieving de jure Taiwan independence would be impossible for any leader.

Senior Biden officials, notably White House Indo-Pacific Coordinator Kurt Campbell, a seasoned Asia expert, have stated unequivocally that the United States does not favor Taiwan independence, in keeping with its neutrality policy. President Biden himself expounded on this last week when he stated that the US is not “encouraging” independence. “Let them make their own decisions,” he continued.

Campbell stated at an Asia Society event in July that the Biden administration believes “Taiwan is a country in Taiwan. This is a condensed version of the information.


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