Cambodia is set to reopen to international visitors.


Cambodia is set to reopen to international visitors.

Foreign tourists will be able to visit Cambodia’s ancient Angkor Wat temples again shortly, as officials announced a partial reopening to vaccinated visitors on Tuesday.

Cambodia’s expanding tourism industry was slowed by the coronavirus outbreak and travel restrictions, with earnings falling to $1 billion last year from over $5 billion in 2019, when the country welcomed 6.6 million visitors.

The Cambodian tourist ministry stated on Tuesday that Sihanoukville and the island of Koh Rong, as well as Dara Sakor, a Chinese-developed resort zone, will reopen on November 30.

In January, the northern city of Siem Reap, which serves as the gateway to the UNESCO-listed Angkor Wat site, will be added to the kingdom’s hotel quarantine-free travel scheme.

In 2019, more than two million people visited the archaeological park, but since the outbreak, the world-famous monument has been mainly empty.

Foreign visitors will need proof of double vaccination, health insurance that covers Covid-19 treatment, and negative swab tests before leaving and arriving in the country, according to the tourist ministry.

Tourists must stay in the pilot locations for at least five days and submit to another swab test before being allowed to travel around Cambodia.

Despite being spared the worst of the pandemic in 2020, the kingdom has seen the majority of the virus’s 118,000 infections since April.

The Southeast Asian country was praised for its quick immunization program, with 96 percent of the adult population having received all of their vaccinations.

Cambodia’s tourist revival has been influenced by Thailand’s “Phuket sandbox” hotel quarantine-free travel scheme, which began in July and has attracted over 56,000 international visitors to the island.


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