Busker mum, 21, tells Boris Johnson exactly what she thinks of him.


Emma Wharton, from Birkenhead and singer of the band The Elysians, is one of the thousands of people in the art industry currently affected by the Covid 19 restrictions.

A mother from Merseyside took to the streets of Liverpool to deliver a message to Boris Johnson with a song she had written in just “30 minutes”.

Emma Wharton caught the attention of Church Street shoppers this week with her special song just for the Prime Minister

The mother of one of them regularly roams the streets of Merseyside, posting her content on various social media channels to get noticed.

The 21-year-old is frustrated by the government’s mixed and confusing messages when it comes to coronavirus measures, but that hasn’t stopped her from following her dream.

She said her band is currently looking for their big breakthrough, but due to the closure of many bars and local institutions, the opportunities to showcase their talents have been limited.

One song in particular, however, caught the attention of shoppers and night owls walking down Church Street in downtown Liverpool last week.

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Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Emma said: “Coronavirus is all nonsense, and everyone is pretty angry with Boris Johnson.

At the suggestion of the band’s guitarist, Emma got her creative juices flowing and wrote a song about the frustrations of the suspension and the people responsible for implementing the rules.

“So the guitarist in my band said to me: You should write a song about Boris Johnson, and I literally wrote it in half an hour and started working on it.

“Everyone in the art industry who was with him said it wasn’t feasible and told us to get another job, it’s (the message behind the song) a kind of statement that we’re not going to do that and that we should be viable”.

The singer said: “I really feel sorry for my local pubs and so on, because many of them had to close and don’t have live music. They are the ones who do so much to help the community. Many of them are having a hard time and will not be able to reopen”.

Emma spoke about the struggles she has faced on a personal level, but also about how the hospitality sector in the area may never recover due to the closure.

The 21-year-old said, “After that, they all stayed for a while and listened to a few more songs, then came over and said how good it was.

Emma was pleased with the feedback and attention she received from passers-by for her performance and hopes that the restrictions in the area will be lifted sooner rather than later.


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