Burger Brand’s Hilarious Slogan Calling Rivals “S***” Goes Viral.


Burger Brand’s Hilarious Slogan Calling Rivals “S***” Goes Viral.

A fast-food chain has sparked outrage online with its obnoxious packaging, which implies that other burgers are “s***.”

Rather than using catchy slogans, one South Korean manufacturer took a more straightforward approach, printing “we believe that other burgers are s***” on its packaging.

The phrase was created by Billionbox, and it got the attention of Twitter user Ryan King, @NoMagRyan, who uploaded a photo of their lunch on Wednesday.

It received over 47,000 likes on Facebook and was widely shared online, with many other Twitter users tweeting the same image. King, who hails from the United Kingdom, told The Washington Newsday that despite being a fan of the burger, he has yet to try one.

“I haven’t tried them,” he replied, “but I believe I added a bunch of South Korean food Instagram accounts when I was transiting through Incheon airport a few years ago, just in case I had time to leave the airport and try any.” I didn’t have time to do it in the end, so I removed them all when I got home, except for Billionbox, whose motto made me giggle. That slogan has been in use for at least two years.

“And that’s basically all there is to it.” I tweeted that the slogan made me laugh early yesterday morning, and it became viral! I messaged them to explain where their new followers came from, as they’d increased from 920 to over 3,000, and they offered me free burgers whenever I visited South Korea. So that’ll be next on my list of places to see!” King’s photo was also published on the brand’s Instagram page, with the message “works for us.” After King’s picture was reposted on the viral Instagram account @Madeinpoortaste, their stories are full of social media posts praising the tagline.

The phrase was created by Seunghun Joen, CEO of Billionbox, according to The Washington Newsday. “The Billionbox is built on hip-hop culture,” he explained. “Our logo appears to be superior.” “Our sliders taste better than they appear,” he added, raving about the food at their four locations in Seoul. As you may be aware, the slider is quite small. We think that minor things add up to large things.” When asked about the response to their slogan, they said, This is a condensed version of the information.


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