Bukele Declares Himself El Salvador’s “Dictator.”


Bukele Declares Himself El Salvador’s “Dictator.”

President Nayib Bukele, who has been accused of having authoritarian intentions both internationally and domestically, named himself “dictator of El Salvador” on Monday, mocking his detractors.

Bukele altered his bio from “Layla’s dad” to “Dictator of El Salvador” on Twitter, a platform the 40-year-old millennial president routinely utilizes.

Bukele modified the phrase himself, according to the presidency, according to AFP.

Thousands of Salvadorans marched against legal revisions last Wednesday, claiming they threatened democracy.

The new-look parliament sacked all judges of the Supreme Court’s constitutional chamber and the attorney general after Bukele’s allies won an absolute majority in February elections — all institutions with which he had struggled since taking office in 2019.

Despite a constitutional one-term limit, the new Bukele-aligned court last month gave him the green light to compete for re-election in 2024.

The five judges of the chamber were placed on a list of corrupt officials by Washington on Monday, and they were barred from entering the country.

According to Laura Andrade, head of the Central American University’s Public Opinion Institute, by using the term “dictator” in gest, he was attempting to “normalize” the phrase and cast aspersions on those who use it against him.

Bukele is well-liked in some circles because of his claimed willingness to combat organized crime.

However, critics have warned of the dangers of authoritarianism.

In February of last year, the president ordered heavily armed police and soldiers to assault parliament in an attempt to terrify MPs into agreeing a loan to fund an anti-crime campaign.

As a result, MPs have called for Bukele to be declared “mentally incapable” of ruling by a legislative committee, which he has condemned as a “attempted parliamentary coup.”


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