Bridezilla sends a list of demands to her bridesmaids, igniting a debate about wedding costs.


Bridezilla sends a list of demands to her bridesmaids, igniting a debate about wedding costs.

A list of what a bride-to-be expects her bridesmaids to pay for has sparked a wedding expense discussion.

The self-proclaimed “bridezilla” was questioning if the message she sent to her wedding party was “too harsh” after none of the women responded, according to a screengrab.

In the message, she tells her bridesmaids that they would be responsible for their own clothing, shoes, hair, and cosmetics, and that they must all have “natural” hair color.

The bride appears to have a very clear vision that her attendants must follow, since she even gave costume ideas.

Springflowers2016 posted the photo on Reddit earlier this month, although it’s unclear whether she is one of the bridesmaids.

“Bridezilla sends out this text and wonders why no one responds,” she captioned the over 1,000-plus upvoted post.

“I sent a group message to my bridesmaids to make sure everyone is on board with everything, and NO ONE is responding,” it reads.

“I had to redo it three times because I’m so afraid of coming across as a jerk! I emailed it, and they read it, but no one has reacted; is this too harsh?”

The bride-to-be then sends out a message that says, “Hey girls! Because the wedding deadline is rapidly approaching, I wanted to send a message to everyone at once to ensure that we’re all on the same page.

“We’ll go dress shopping as a group in December or January, so we’ll have to figure out a time that works for everyone. Each bridesmaid is responsible for their own gown, shoes, hair, and cosmetics (makeup and hair inspiration pics attached as well as dress and bouquet inspiration.)

“Natural colored hair is required for everyone in my bridal party. I’m now working with a florist on your bouquets, and if you’d like to chip in to help pay for your own bouquet, that would be fantastic.”

She goes on to list the names of the bridal party, and it appears that she isn’t giving anyone the choice to decline because she says the list of which bridesmaids will walk down the aisle with which groomsman is “NOT negotiable.”



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