Biden Increases Efforts Against Virus Surge Delta Variant is the source of energy.


Biden Increases Efforts Against Virus Surge Delta Variant is the source of energy.

President Joe Biden ramped up efforts to stem the spread of Covid-19’s rapidly spreading Delta strain on Thursday, ordering all federal employees in the United States to either declare themselves fully vaccinated or wear masks and be screened.

In a speech on his administration’s new measures, the veteran Democrat stated, “We have the power to prevent this fresh wave of Covid from shutting down our businesses, our schools, and our society as we saw happen last year.”

All four million government employees and on-site contractors will be required to attest to their immunization status, according to the White House.

Those who do not declare that they are completely vaccinated will be obliged to wear a mask on the job regardless of location, be tested once or twice a week, and wear a mask regardless of physical distance from coworkers.

The actions do not include a vaccination mandate for federal employees, which was being explored as the administration considered methods to safeguard federal employees while also setting an example for the private sector.

They do, however, represent a significant return to controversial limits that Biden projected would be a thing of the past in June, when he declared that America will be allowed to enjoy a “summer of freedom” that included more socializing and in-person festivities.

Today, with hospitalizations and infections on the rise across the country, Americans must remain cautious, according to Biden.

“We’re not out of the woods yet, because what we’re seeing in America right now is a pandemic, a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Biden stated, in statements that are sure to enrage those who have refused to take the vaccines.

“If you are not vaccinated, you are a health risk to yourself, your family, and those with whom you work.”

Despite this, the president asked residents not to politicize immunization or disguise difficulties.

“This isn’t a fight between red and blue states. It’s a matter of life and death.”

With misconceptions about vaccinations abounding, Biden said it was time for some “straight talk” to cut through the nonsense fearmongering “with facts, science, and the truth.”

He practically pleaded with people to obtain the vaccine, calling the pandemic a tragic “American tragedy.”

“People who don’t have to die are dying – and will die,” he remarked. “If you’re unvaccinated and out there, you don’t have to die.”

Biden said he’s asking the Pentagon to look at adding Covid vaccines to the list of mandatory immunizations for US service personnel.

He also appealed to the government. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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