Biden has opted for Trump’s politically inconvenient maximum pressure on Cuba.


Biden has opted for Trump’s politically inconvenient maximum pressure on Cuba.

On Cuba, President Joe Biden has maintained his predecessor’s sanctions methods of “maximum pressure.”

They have aided in the fueling of economic troubles that have resulted in historic antigovernment rallies across the Communist-led island nation, along with a mix of other internal and international issues.

However, both abroad and at home, this tactic has proven to be politically inconvenient.

Last month, the United Nations issued a near-unanimous criticism of the United States’ decades-long blockade on Cuba. Domestically, it contradicts Biden’s previous role as Vice President of the United States in boosting connections between Washington and Havana under the Obama administration.

The reversal of Obama’s detente with the Cold War opponent by his successor, Donald Trump, is credited with helping him clinch a Republican victory in Florida in the 2000 election, where a strong Cuban diaspora community has long rejected any US overture to the Cuban Communist Party.

Republicans are pressuring Biden to do more against Cuba, which is suffering not just from damaged trade connections owing to the return of severe restrictions, but also from a fall in the tourism economy caused by the COVID-19 virus.

“There is no doubt that Biden’s continuation of Trump policy and his walking back of his campaign promise to return to the diplomatic approach that Obama took has had a major impact on the Cuban people and the Cuban government,” Jared Carter, a Vermont Law School assistant professor who specializes in US policy on Cuba, told This website.

Carter, who spent more than a decade living, working, and teaching in Cuba, said Obama’s actions aided the island nation’s economy and reduced its isolation.

“Thousands of Cubans were able to start small companies and build links between Cubans and the outside world thanks to the influx of U.S. travelers and remittances under Obama,” Carter added. “It was people-to-people diplomacy that developed ties and a sense of hope,” says the author.

However, the situation has now severely deteriorated.

“The triple danger of Covid-19, Trump’s’maximum pressure’ policy, and Biden’s refusal to ease US trade and travel restrictions has left Cubans with few economic options,” Carter added.

Biden has never embraced Trump’s approach to Cuba. This is a condensed version of the information.


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