Benjamin Netanyahu accuses the opposition of election fraud with only a few days left in office.


Benjamin Netanyahu accuses the opposition of election fraud with only a few days left in office.

As Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu approaches the end of his 12-year term, he has accused his successors of election fraud.

Netanyahu claimed that he was deposed by a “deep state” plot and that the erstwhile opposition party, which took power on Sunday, deceived people. He told the conservative TV station Channel 20 last week that “they are uprooting the good and replacing it with the ugly and harmful.” “I am concerned about the country’s future.”

The claims are in keeping with techniques long deployed by the prime leader. According to the Associated Press, Netanyahu has used strong words to describe any threat to Israel, regardless of scale, and has dismissed criticism to discredit his opponents. He has been equally great in presenting himself favourably as he has been in characterizing opponents badly.

Identity politics are at an all-time high during his presidency, according to Yohanan Plesner, president of the Israel Democracy Institute.

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It’s a recipe that has worked well for Netanyahu. For almost 15 years, he has ruled the right-wing Likud party with an iron grip, amassing a streak of electoral triumphs that has earned him the moniker “King Bibi.”

He resisted President Barack Obama’s demand to make concessions to the Palestinians, and in 2015, he publicly opposed him by giving a speech in Congress opposing the US-led nuclear deal with Iran.

Netanyahu was rewarded handsomely by President Donald Trump, who recognized contested Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, pulled out of the nuclear accord, and helped forge historic diplomatic pacts between Israel and four Arab nations, despite his inability to reject the accord.

With the exception of three brief skirmishes with Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers, Netanyahu looks to have waged a highly successful shadow war against Iran while keeping Israel’s long-running conflict with the Palestinians simmering.

The situation with the Palestinians today is “remarkably the same” as when Netanyahu took office, Plesner said. “No major changes in either direction, no annexation and no diplomatic breakthroughs.”

But some of Netanyahu’s tactics now appear to be coming back to haunt him. The new Biden administration has been cool to the Israeli leader, while Netanyahu’s close relationship with Trump has alienated large segments of the Democratic Party.

At home, Netanyahu’s magic. This is a brief summary.


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