Bashar al-cousin Assad’s accuses the international community of abandoning Syria’s democratic opposition.


Bashar al-cousin Assad’s accuses the international community of abandoning Syria’s democratic opposition.

While Syrian President Bashar al-Assad does a victory lap to commemorate a stolen election that serves as a brazen re-coronation over his war-torn country, the dictator’s first cousin bemoans the lack of support for the pro-democracy movement.

Ribal al-Assad, the son of Bashar al-uncle Assad’s Rifaat al-Assad, who fled Syria after a failed coup attempt in the 1980s, continues to struggle for democracy.

However, despite his numerous visits abroad, appearances before various legislatures, and events, he has shown little interest in participating. Ribal al-Assad, who lives in London, England, told Washington Newsday, “I didn’t see any true support for the actual democrats in Syria.”

“The entire world has accepted that [Bashar al-Assad] won,” he added, citing the international community’s inability to support any genuine democratic movement in Syria over the previous decade.

It is too late for the United States to change the course of events in Syria. Ribal al-Assad claimed that Washington, D.C. should have backed groups “willing to subscribe to our international values,” rather than the extremists who eventually gained control of the revolution.

Syria’s democratic ideal has been fatally injured. “Can you assure us that when this system falls, there will be true democracy?” “How can I guarantee that if the United States cannot?” he asked. “No one has even made a move in that direction.”

With a purported participation of little over 78 percent, Bashar al-Assad allegedly won 95.1 percent of the vote this week. There has been very little pretense that this election was free and fair.

Many of the 5 million or so refugees displaced in neighboring countries, as well as Kurdish-held territories and the Islamist-controlled Idlib province, did not vote.

Regardless, the dictator praised his countrymen for “their outstanding patriotism and participation in this national event.”

Assad lauded the “righteous martyrs, without whom Syria would not have remained, healing for our wounded and all greetings to the men of our heroic Syrian Arab Army and for the sake of all their sacrifices.”

He promised to “begin the stage of trying to strengthen hope in order to rebuild Syria as it should be” as early as tomorrow.

Few will take this commitment seriously. Syria has been destroyed by a decade-long war that has killed over 500,000 people. Millions of people have been compelled to flee the country. This is a condensed version of the information.


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