Bad smells” and “unappetizing business” of mobile homes cause the advice to act.


At yesterday’s meeting of the Wirral Council’s Tourism and Culture Committee it was revealed that motorhome overnight stays in Wallasey and New Brighton have led to health and environmental problems for local residents, particularly between July 2017 and July 2018.

Following complaints about “unpleasant odours” and “unsavoury stores”, plans to find special off-road sites for motorhomes have taken a step forward.

The city council said people could “draw their own conclusions” about certain activities that are supposed to take place

Conservative Councillor Lesley Rennie, representing Wallasey, said one problem before the traffic regulations were introduced was information on the internet promoting New Brighton as a wonderful place to go where you don’t have to pay.

But to tackle the problem properly, the city councils agreed that a suitable place for motorhomes was needed in Wirral.

Kings Parade and Coastal Drive were the worst affected roads until a traffic ordinance was issued that banned overnight parking of RVs.

There were also problems with the toilet facilities in the motor homes, with a “bad smell” developing in one part of Coastal Drive as some chose to empty their toilets into green open spaces. She added that this still happens occasionally today.

Cllr. Rennie said that sometimes up to 50 RVs would be parked at key hotspots, but attracting people to Wirral should not be at the expense of peace and quiet for the locals and damage to the landscape.

The Wallasey councillor mentioned a number of informal businesses that were operated at these hotspots. One example was “unappetizing business” with a certain number of women, about which members could draw their own conclusions, she said.

Finally, the committee agreed to set up a working group, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, to investigate alternative sites with special facilities for mobile homes.

Although traffic regulations have improved the situation in New Brighton’s hotspots, Cllr. Rennie said that some RVs are now parked in other locations in the area, which could cause environmental problems on other roads near the promenade.


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