Awkward Video of a Live Dispute Between News Anchors Goes Viral


Awkward Video of a Live Dispute Between News Anchors Goes Viral

In the age of the internet, airing your dirty laundry in public is a constant danger.

After footage of their tense discussion went viral, two Namibian television presenters earned celebrity online. On June 9, the presenters, news anchor Elmarie Kapunda and sports reporter Jessica Kaimu, were filming at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) studios when Kaimu was filmed snapping at Kapunda over her opening phrasing.

What’s the matter with Jessica? LMFAOOOO

— ShadowsOfWolf_ (@ShadowsOfWolf_) 9th of June, 2021

Kapunda is beginning to transition into Kaimu’s sports bulletin in the footage. Kaimu cuts her off, ostensibly believing they are rehearsing rather than broadcasting live. “You’re not going to do that, are you?” “All you’re going to do is welcome me and say, ‘Take that away,’” she continues, her tone gruff.

Before the camera returns to Kapunda for her reaction, the set falls silent. After a beat, she says, “Jessica, we’re live.” Before ads begin, both announcers fall mute for a few torturous seconds, obviously unable to think of what to say or do next.

The whole thing could have ended there if it hadn’t been for social media. Unfortunately for both women, however, an eagle-eyed viewer caught the moment on camera and posted the 33-second clip on Twitter, where it went viral. The phrase “Jessica, we are live” is now being mercilessly memed by the Namibian and South African Twitter communities, among others, according to CNN. Many viewers are now speculating that Kapunda and Kaimu have a poor working relationship.

“Lol Jessica chose the wrong time to settle scores,” one commenter wrote.

“Wow. I wonder what transpired behind the scenes,” another tweeted.

Jessica clearly has some unresolved issues with the news anchor,” a third wrote.

Even fellow broadcasters have joined in the fun. On June 10, South African Broadcasting Corporation anchors Sakina Kamwendo and Vaylen Kirtley recreated the now-notorious exchange, according to another popular tweet.

Jessica Challenge. How it started in Namibia between Elmarie Kapunda & Jessica Kaimu during an NBC(Namibia Broadcasting Corporation) live session & how its going in South Africa between Sakina Kamwendo & Vaylen Kirtley of SABC(South AFrican Broadcasting Corporation). “We are live”

— Ota. This is a brief summary.


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