As Romanian hospitals reach ‘The Limit,’ doctors are ‘desperate’ for people to get COVID shots.


As Romanian hospitals reach ‘The Limit,’ doctors are ‘desperate’ for people to get COVID shots.

Romanian doctors addressed an open letter headlined “a scream of despair” to the public on Wednesday, pleading for unvaccinated individuals to get COVID-19 shots as the country’s weak health-care infrastructure trembles under a rise of infections and fatalities.

In Romania, vaccine skepticism is at an all-time high, with new records set this fall. In a letter to Romanians, the College of Physicians of Bucharest, a nongovernmental organization that represents doctors, stated that the country’s hospital system has “reached the limit,” and that a lack of immunizations has revealed a “loss of confidence” between doctors and the public.

“We are desperate because hundreds of patients die in Romanian hospitals every day,” the letter says. “We’re desperate because we’ve heard “I can’t breathe…. I’m not vaccinated” far too many times. Romania, along with Bulgaria, has one of Europe’s lowest immunization rates. Last week, the country’s centrist administration was deposed in a no-confidence vote.

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Romania, with a population of 19 million people, is the European Union member nation with the second-lowest COVID-19 vaccination rate. In comparison to the EU norm of 74 percent, only 34% of its people are fully immunized.

On Tuesday, Romania recorded roughly 17,000 new confirmed cases and 442 deaths in daily pandemic records. According to health officials, more than 90% of coronavirus patients who died last week were not vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Every day, we witness tragedies: dying patients, hurting families, clinicians at the end of their abilities,” the doctors of Bucharest write in their letter.

Due to the mounting pressure on hospitals, Romanian officials said last week that non-emergency medical treatments would be suspended for 30 days and that they would seek assistance from the EU.

Last week, EU crisis management commissioner Janez Lenarcic announced that the EU would send 250 oxygen concentrators to Romania, which got 5,200 doses of monoclonal antibodies from Italy on Tuesday. Several dozen COVID-19 patients will be admitted to Hungary’s intensive care facilities this week.

Dragos Zaharia, a primary care physician at the Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumology in Bucharest, believes Romanian officials should have engaged the help of a “renowned name” to spearhead the country’s vaccine program.

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