As Photos and Videos Show Catastrophic Damage in China, we have an update.


As Photos and Videos Show Catastrophic Damage in China, we have an update.

As of Wednesday afternoon, at least 16 people had been reported dead in central China, following catastrophic flooding that saw some districts get one-third of their yearly rainfall in only one hour.

Downtown Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, which has a population of ten million people, is one of the locations hardest hit by the rain, which has been falling nonstop since Saturday and is expected to continue until Thursday.



Hundreds Chinese people in Zhengzhou were stuck on subway cars overnight while standing in chest-high floodwater. During the most severe downpour in the city’s history, 12 people died and five more were injured in the subway train cars, according to the local authorities. In the early hours of Wednesday, firefighters rescued around 500 passengers from the tunnels.



July 20, 2021 — The Paper (@thepapercn)

The Zhengzhou publicity department claimed in an online post that the floods had displaced at least 10,000 residents. Parts of the city, which is located on the Yellow River’s banks, are still submerged.

According to China’s national news agency Xinhua, four people died as a result of mudslides in the central city of Gongyi. After losing power, water, and internet, over 23,000 people from over 6,000 households were forced to flee their homes.


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Late Tuesday, rescuers in Dengfeng, which is also managed by Zhengzhou, claimed they had rescued roughly 30 pupils from a bus that had become stranded in floodwaters. In Dengfeng, there was also a. This is a condensed version of the information.


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