As Cuba faces ‘brutal pressures,’ Biden seeks to rally Latin American allies.


As Cuba faces ‘brutal pressures,’ Biden seeks to rally Latin American allies.

President Joe Biden is trying to unite Latin American allies against the United States, after the island nation slammed the US for attempting to politically isolate a country that has already been subjected to a decades-long economic embargo.

On Wednesday, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodrguez used Twitter to expose what he believes is a US-drafted draft intended to be signed by foreign ministers as part of a joint statement by the Organization of American States, a 35-member international bloc encompassing the Western Hemisphere.

“Condemn the enormous arrests and detentions of protestors in Cuba, and urge on the government to respect the rights and freedoms of the Cuban people, as well as free information to all Cubans,” the top diplomats would sign.

The statement also asked Havana to “respect the legally granted rights and freedoms of the Cuban people without fear of arrests or detentions,” as well as “to release those jailed for peaceful protests.” It demanded, among other things, the restoration of journalistic freedoms and internet access.

The international community’s support for the Cuban people and those who stand up for the basic freedoms that all peoples deserve will not fade, according to the statement.

Rodrguez slammed the essay, which was published in both English and Spanish, as well as Washington’s broader effort to unite the region against Havana in the aftermath of historic rallies across the island.

Rodrguez wrote, “I oppose the US State Department’s use of ruthless pressure on the governments of a group of OAS States to support this statement or release a similar one.”

He then issued a challenge to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the State Department to “recognize or reject the document’s legitimacy.”

When contacted by This website for comment, a State Department spokesperson refused to say whether the alleged draft was genuine, but did confirm that the Biden administration is “exploring further options at the UN and the OAS to support the Cuban people and call for respect for human rights and universal freedom.”

The message’s content was also reiterated by the spokeswoman, which echoed the theme of interim US Ambassador to the Organization of American States Bradley A. Freden’s remarks during a virtual address last week.

“By trying to quiet its people, the Cuban government strives to silence its people. This is a condensed version of the information.


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