As Chinese activity grows, India beefs up its naval power with new submarines and helicopters.


As Chinese activity grows, India beefs up its naval power with new submarines and helicopters.

In order to fight China’s growing presence in the Indian Ocean, India is trying to strengthen its enormous naval force by amassing modern submarines and choppers.

According to The Times Of India, India announced a tender on Tuesday for the construction of six new-generation conventional stealth submarines, in addition to formally procuring two MH-60 Romeo anti-submarine helicopters from the United States.

These submarines will be armed with 18 land-attack cruise missiles and heavyweight torpedoes and will be built in the United States with foreign assistance. The submarine will also include fuel-cell-based air-independent propulsion, which will let it last longer underwater.

India lacks a powerful underwater deterrent to Chinese warships and submarines that patrol the Indian Ocean on a regular basis. Half of India’s 12 aging diesel-electric submarines are set to be retired this year. The Indian Navy’s most valuable undersea assets are the INS Arihant, a nuclear submarine with short-range ballistic missiles that became fully operational in 2018, and the INS Chakra.

To address this, India proposed the $7-million ‘Project-75 India,’ which aims to increase indigenous defense manufacture. At least 18 diesel-electric conventional submarines, six nuclear-powered assault submarines, and four nuclear-powered submarines with nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles are part of the concept.

Meanwhile, the first two of India’s 24 MH-60 “Romeo” anti-submarine helicopters arrived at the US Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego. The Indian Navy claims that this will improve its capabilities on the surface, in the air, and underwater.

The two helicopters are from the US Navy, and the first batch of these so-called “submarine hunters” will arrive in India next year. The Romeo is an all-weather helicopter with cutting-edge avionics and sensors that can handle several missions.

These choppers will be outfitted with Indian-specific technology and armaments, including as sensors and specialist weapons packages, according to the Indian Navy. Hellfire air-to-surface missiles and Mark 54 anti-submarine torpedoes are among them. P-8i aircraft are now used by the Navy for anti-submarine operations.

The Romeo also has anti-surface warfare capabilities, which let it to detect and target hostile ships.

Meanwhile, Adm. Michael Gilday, the chief of US naval operations, said that the focus is obviously on the underwater conflict, saying that many US allies want to train with the US Navy on anti-submarine warfare as a way to oppose Russia and China.

Despite the fact that the US Navy’s focus on anti-submarine warfare dropped after the Cold War, Russia and China’s has grown. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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