Anti-vaxxer dies of COVID-19 after claiming police “poisoned” him.


Anti-vaxxer dies of COVID-19 after claiming police “poisoned” him.

After testing positive for coronavirus, a well-known anti-vaccine activist in Israel died Monday at a hospital.

Hai Shaulian had previously told his social media followers that there is “no epidemic” and that vaccination is “unnecessary and hazardous.”

Shaulian said he was “poisoned” by police in a video posted to his social media sites after his hospitalization. In Holon, a city south of Tel Aviv, he was admitted to the Wolfson Medical Center.

“I’m hooked up to an oxygen machine because I’d suffocate if I didn’t have it. If I take it off and walk three meters, I pass out. According to the Jerusalem Post, Shaulian noted at the time, “I cough hard and feel a lot of suffocation.”

Shaulian also complained in another video about how he was treated at a police station after being arrested last week for opposing the COVID-19 immunizations.

“I am not afraid because the Creator of the World is with me. According to Republic World, Shaulian stated, “I feel that with God’s help, I will be able to come out of this.”

He claimed that the officers assaulted him and placed their knees around his neck.

“I’ve never felt like this before in my life. I battled as if nothing had happened for the previous week, but today I couldn’t breathe and went to the HMO, where I was evacuated to Wolfson Medical Center. “Know that if something happens to me, it’s an assassination attempt,” he stated.

Shaulian had organized multiple protests against the country’s coronavirus restrictions before getting the deadly virus. He was also against the government’s mask requirement.

Even though 60% of the population is fully vaccinated, the number of daily COVID-19 cases in Israel has grown since mid-June and peaked on September 3. Israel had the greatest number of cases per million in the world in the first week of September, with an average of 9,340 new infections each day.

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced 7,686 additional cases on Monday, increasing the total number of illnesses in Israel to 1,178,933.


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