Alisson Becker defied the doctors in Liverpool when the goalkeeper made an incredible comeback.


And the No. 1 Reds revealed how he defied an initial prognosis by the club doctors when he was determined to return to the team.

Alisson Becker explained the reasons for his quick return to the team when the Liverpool goalkeeper thanked the club’s team of doctors.

The Liverpool goalkeeper was back in the team sooner than expected after his return against Sheffield United.

After it was confirmed that surgery would not be necessary, Alisson went to the club’s fitness department and stayed behind in Melwood during the international break for extended rehabilitation.

The Brazilian international injured his shoulder in training earlier this month and was predicted to be out between four and six weeks of play.

With the injury occurring just before a round of internationals, Alisson was only missing three games and said he was looking forward to being fit again.

The 65 million pound goalkeeper returned to training last week and was able to dive and catch without any complaints before explaining his fitness to Jürgen Klopp last Friday.

After being called up to the Brazilian squad for the November games on Friday afternoon, Alisson was then appointed to the Liverpool team, which beat Sheffield United 2-1 on Saturday night.

“But as soon as the doctor said it would take four to six weeks, I said, ‘No doctor, we’ll go to two or three weeks at most.

“First of all it’s good to be back,” Alisson said. “I try to do my best, and I have the best physical therapists on my side who also help me speed up the recovery process.

When asked about the concrete work behind his ability to get back to the site faster than expected, Alisson said, “I try to do my best: I pray a lot! No seriously, I pray very much.

“He agreed with me, and then we just tried, and I am really happy to be back. I just want to thank the physiotherapists, the fitness staff, the doctors and goalie coaches who helped me with this process.

“I prayed, but also did many sessions for treatment. I was at the club for five or six hours every day and did the treatment with the physical therapists and worked with the fitness staff.

“Three days before the game I started working hard, with hard kicks, hard punches, catching, diving, full range diving.

“And after two weeks of already being with the goalie coaches, making some catches, not diving, but then two and a half weeks [in], I started diving.

Liverpool will return to action when they host Midtjylland FC in the Champions League on Tuesday night, and while Alisson admits that the feeling of his injury is still with him, he says he is free and can perform without pain.

“With any ligament injury [whether it be]to the shoulder, ankle or knee, you still feel like you have something funny about it,” he added. “No pain, but it’s just a little strange.

“So on Friday I gave the boss the green light. So I believe in my faith and that hard work will help me make this quick recovery.


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