After the summit, Vladimir Putin expresses his thoughts on Joe Biden.


After the summit, Vladimir Putin expresses his thoughts on Joe Biden.

A day after their meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin lauded his American counterpart, Vice President Joe Biden, describing him as a “professional” and dismissing the stereotype that he is easily confused.

Although there were no major advances during their meeting in Geneva on Wednesday, Russian media emphasized the importance of the first encounter as leaders of countries with deteriorating relations.

Putin spoke with graduates of a Moscow-based public administration university on Thursday about his experiences of the summit. He remarked during a video conference that the “image of President Biden, as portrayed by both our [Russian] and American press, has nothing to do with reality.”

Putin claimed that Biden had a hectic European agenda prior to their meeting, had battled jetlag, and nevertheless appeared cheery during their discussions.

“He has totally completed his task. He glanced at his notes now and then, but we all do it,” he told the Russian news outlet Tass.

“Biden is a professional, and you must work closely with him to avoid missing anything. I can tell you that he does not miss anything.”

Putin also dismissed claims that Biden is easily perplexed and made a veiled jab at his “young, educated” spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

“She gets things jumbled up all the time,” Putin observed, explaining that this was not owing to her “education” or “bad memory,” but rather to the fact that “when people consider things secondary, they do not really give them their entire attention.”

The summit was praised as “friendly” by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who added that “we were able to understand each other…on crucial problems.”

On Wednesday, Biden reacted angrily to a reporter who questioned the value of Putin’s denial of involvement in cyber attacks on the US and rejection of condemnation of human rights violations.

Putin, on the other hand, signaled on Thursday that Biden was prepared to defend himself.

“He understands what he wants to achieve and he does it very skillfully. You feel it immediately,” Putin said.

“I really hope that it will not be the same as in previous years, and he [Biden] will be allowed to work in peace,” Putin added, referring to Biden’s presidential predecessors.

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