After purchasing a 1904 house, a couple discovers a massive basement under a hatch.


After purchasing a 1904 house, a couple discovers a massive basement under a hatch.

In their new home, a couple discovered a vast basement concealed behind a hatch that is tall enough to stand in.

Katie and Robin bought a semi-detached house in Kettering, England, that was built in 1904, and moved there in December.

As they meticulously sand flooring, cut tiles, slice off cement, and repaint, the couple has been documenting the repair process on their TikTok and Instagram accounts.

They’re attempting to be respectful to the house’s antique characteristics by restoring fireplaces and tearing up carpet to expose flooring, but they discovered one unexpected original aspect.

The new owners discovered a large basement beneath their house that spans the breadth of their “double living room.”

They were apparently alerted to its presence after beginning work on the living room flooring, when they discovered the tiny entry to the vault hidden beneath a hatch in the kitchen, which they unscrewed to disclose the large cellar.

“So we have this tiny hatch in our kitchen,” they said in a video posted to their TikTok account, @sweethomeketteringa, on Tuesday. Take a look at where it leads. Robin decided to delve deeper into the matter. I stood back and watched from a safe distance. Just in case the doorbell rang, you know.

“There’s another pit that’s considerably deeper. “How would you use this area?”

The clip, which can be seen here, has the hashtags “secret chamber” and “horror,” and shows Robin going around the area, which is tall enough for him to stand up in.

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Katie, who is believed to be 31 years old, elaborated on its location in the comments section, stating it’s beneath “our double living room!” One of the edge floorboards was loose after we ripped up the carpet to rebuild the floorboard.”

She said, in response to someone who said it would make a “cozy and comfy” atmosphere, “That’s a terrific idea!!” I’d never have to leave because you can hear the TV clearly from underneath.”

Others offered a man cave, which she laughed off, saying, “You mean I wouldn’t have to watch football anymore?”

It appears that the basement was left out. This is a condensed version of the information.


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