After close contact, a COVID-vaccinated Putin staffer advised the Russian president to isolate himself.


After close contact, a COVID-vaccinated Putin staffer advised the Russian president to isolate himself.

After coming into intimate touch with a staff member who tested positive for COVID-19, Russian President Vladimir Putin went into self-isolation on Tuesday.

Despite the fact that Putin and the worker are both properly vaccinated and the president tested negative for COVID-19, Putin held multiple indoor engagements Monday and suggested he may have to quarantine shortly. Putin stated on Tuesday that the coronavirus has affected numerous people in his “close circle.”

Putin is “totally healthy,” according to spokesman Dmitry Peskov, despite coming into touch with someone who had the infection.

Putin has gotten Russia’s Sputnik V immunization, and Peskov insisted that the meetings on Monday would not threaten anyone’s health.

When Putin’s negative test was verified, Peskov did not disclose when his seclusion began, how long it would stay, or whether else in his “immediate circle” was sick.

Putin stated that the afflicted staffer had previously been vaccinated but had recently received a COVID-19 booster dose. Russia has begun administering a third immunization shot to those who have been inoculated for more than six months.

“He became unwell three days after revaccination,” Putin stated. “We’ll see how Sputnik V works in practice.”

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Even in the face of infection increases, Russian officials have been chastised for downplaying the pandemic and rarely enacting control measures. With slightly around 800 deaths per day, Russia’s death toll is at its highest since the outbreak began. Despite this, there are currently very few viral controls in effect.

Putin has never been photographed wearing a mask in public, despite the fact that he looked to operate mostly from afar and was rarely seen in public before being vaccinated.

On Monday, Putin attended a number of public events, none of which appeared to be masked based on photographs shown on television. He shook hands with Russian paralympians and placed medals on them, took part in military drills with other dignitaries, and visited with Syrian President Bashar Assad, whom he also shook. In March, Assad tested positive for the coronavirus but recovered; it’s unclear whether he’s been vaccinated.

Putin made it clear during his meeting with the Paralympians that he was aware of incidents that were personal to him.

The Russian leader was quoted by the state news agency RIA Novosti as saying, “Even in my circle, problems arise with this COVID.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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