After back-to-back strikes, Syria tells Israel that it will defend itself “by all means.”


After back-to-back strikes, Syria tells Israel that it will defend itself “by all means.”

Syria has warned Israel that it will defend its territory using any measures available to it under international law, after Damascus blamed its adversary for two bombings on the country this week.

Following an air raid Wednesday in the Al-Qusayr region of Homs province, the Syrian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Thursday denouncing the latest “cowardly Israeli aggression.” The statement alluded to an earlier strike on Aleppo’s Al-Safira district, which was also blamed on Israel.

The Syrian Defense Ministry said that anti-air batteries had shot down the majority of the incoming missiles in both occasions. After the Syrian military declared the “results of the aggression are being analyzed,” there was no update on Monday’s attack, while the damage from Wednesday’s strike was said to be confined to “material” damages.

“We do not comment on reports in the international media,” an Israel Defense Forces official told This website.

Hundreds of such strikes have been carried out by the IDF throughout Syria’s decade-long civil war, usually targeting targets reportedly related to Iran-aligned militias, and the IDF has frequently refused to confirm or deny its involvement in most of the operations.

Damascus, on the other hand, has sought international cooperation to counter the effort, which the Syrian Foreign Ministry alleged was carried out in the interests of extremist groups such as the Islamic State and the Nusra Front on Wednesday. It asserted that Israel’s “dangerous, confrontational attitude” would be impossible without Western assistance.

Syria “would not hesitate to utilize its right to protect its land, people, and sovereignty by all measures guaranteed by its constitution, the United Nations Charter, and the principles of international law,” according to the ministry.

“The Syrian Arab Republic has repeatedly called on the Security Council to condemn Israel’s repeated attacks on its sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as to take firm and immediate measures to stop these attacks and hold Israel accountable for them,” the ministry said.

Russia and China, two of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, have continuously backed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since his crackdown on protesters in 2011 developed into a nationwide conflict, whilst Western countries, particularly the United States, have not. This is a condensed version of the information.


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