After a Psychic Predicted Win, a Woman Wins $7.5 Million in the Lottery


After a Psychic Predicted Win, a Woman Wins $7.5 Million in the Lottery

After a clairvoyant promised her mother that someone in her family would win the life-changing prize, a woman in Australia became a multi-millionaire by winning the lotto.

After spending AU$13 she won on a previous Powerball draw on tickets, the unknown woman from Carnes Hill, Sydney, raked home A$9,738,691 ($7.5 million).

The woman told The Lott, Australia’s official lottery website, that she checked her tickets after reading a post on social media about a mystery winner, and was surprised to find out she had won.

“I saw someone had won about A$10 million on Facebook. Then I took a closer look at the post and saw that the ticket had been purchased from the same source as mine, and I was like, “Oh my goodness.” ‘Oh my god!’ she said.

The woman, who is also a mother, said her mother had visited a psychic, who informed her that “someone in the family would win the lotto and would help the rest of the family.”

“I suppose she was correct! I’m trembling and weeping! It’s a fantastic sensation. It’ll be incredible.”

She won the entire prize because she had the sole ticket with all of the winning numbers. The money “is going to be amazingly life-changing,” the woman told The Lott.

“My sister and I were just talking about what we’d do if we won yesterday, and we agreed to purchase each other a new car and pay off each other’s mortgages. That’s probably what’s going on right now! We’ll take care of the grandparents, my parents, and all of my siblings. All of them can benefit from my assistance.”

“I’ll be buying a new house – we’ll be shopping around for a much larger house,” the woman said, admitting that she will spend some of the money on herself. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to some stunning diamond earrings.

“A getaway abroad would be fantastic when we are able to do so, but for now, we may just celebrate locally.”

Yiu Ho, the owner of the newsagent where the mystery woman purchased her ticket, expressed his excitement that she had discovered her prize and that it had arrived. This is a condensed version of the information.


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