After a one-year delay, the Tokyo Olympics are finally underway.


After a one-year delay, the Tokyo Olympics are finally underway.

Softball in disaster-hit Fukushima kicked off the Tokyo Olympics sports program on Wednesday, after a year-long pandemic delay, as the Games faced their first doping scandal.

Japan crushed Australia 8-1 in the opening match of the 2020 Olympic Games, which are struggling for public support due to a spike in coronavirus cases in Tokyo.

Most of the Olympics are closed to the public, and the game was played in front of empty stands in Fukushima, which was devastated by an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster in 2011.

The Olympics are being held in a biosecure “bubble,” with competitors being tested on a daily basis and being told to keep a social distance and wear masks while they are not participating, training, eating, or sleeping.

In a later vote at the International Olympic Committee session, Brisbane, Australia, is expected to be approved as the host city for the 2032 Olympics.

After testing positive for cocaine on June 26, Australian showjumper Jamie Kermond was provisionally suspended as the sport program began.

He now has the option of having his B-sample examined under Australia’s anti-doping program. According to reports from Australia, Kermond did not accompany the rest of the team to Tokyo.

While the interim suspension is in effect, Mr. Kermond is prohibited from competing in any WADA-compliant event, including the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, according to Equestrian Australia.

Meanwhile, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the World Health Organization, informed the International Olympic Committee that the Games could never have “zero risk.”

“In life, there is no such thing as zero danger; there is either greater risk or less risk. And you did your best,” he addressed the mask-wearing, socially isolated delegates.

“In the next two weeks, zero cases will not be the mark of success… Making ensuring that any instances are recognized, isolated, traced, and treated for as promptly as possible is the mark of success,” he added.

Eight more Games-related coronavirus cases have been reported, bringing the total to 79.

Brisbane, Australia’s third-largest city, is the only candidate and has been designated as the “preferred bidder” for the year 2032, ensuring that it would be recognized as the host.

However, IOC communications director Mark Adams stressed that the vote is “not a done deal.”

“This is not a done deal since the session has yet to make a decision,” Adams remarked on Tuesday.

“They can decide to reintroduce the topic – there are still a number of cities interested.”

Despite the fact that there were no supporters at the softball game in Fukushima, one surprise spectator was sighted before the game. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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