After a live-streaming confrontation with workers about mask refusal, a mayoral candidate was arrested.


After a live-streaming confrontation with workers about mask refusal, a mayoral candidate was arrested.

After refusing to wear a face mask and live-streaming multiple confrontational interactions with store personnel at a local shopping center, a mayoral candidate in Calgary, Alberta, was detained on Wednesday.

According to a Calgary Police report, Kevin J. Johnston was detained for making a disturbance and participating in an illegal public gathering. The allegations stem from an incident on May 22 at the CORE Shopping Centre, when numerous store employees reported feeling threatened by Johnston as he sought to circumvent COVID-19 protocols.

“After repeated altercations with Johnston, several store employees expressed grave fears about their safety. Johnson allegedly entered establishments within the mall without wearing a face mask on many occasions, and when approached by store employees who ordered him to put on a mask, he allegedly verbally attacked the staff,” according to the police report.

Johnston then left the shop and returned with a bigger group of people who refused to wear masks and proceeded to scream at store staff, according to police. Johnson allegedly live-streamed the altercations, according to police.

“Many of the employees were young people working alone or with one other person, and they were concerned for their safety as a result of the group’s encounter. The police report concluded, “This type of targeted harassment will not be condoned.”

According to the report, Johnston was detained without incident by the Edmonton Police Service on Wednesday. The acts of the other individuals who were with him throughout the clashes are still being investigated, according to police.

Johnston, a divisive mayoral candidate, has been arrested in the past for breaking COVID-19 safety protocols. According to CBC News, Johnston was detained by Calgary police earlier this month after promoting and attending three big meetings in violation of pandemic-related health regulations.

The 49-year-old has also been accused of racist and aggressive behavior on multiple occasions.

According to CBC News, Alberta Health Services has issued a restraining order against Johnston after he threatened to arm himself and go to the residences of senior health officials.

Furthermore, according to CTV News, Johnston was forced to pay $2.5 million in defamation penalties to the owner of a Middle Eastern restaurant chain in May 2019 after posting a series of racially motivated assaults on his website.

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