After a disagreement with the United States, Emmanuel Macron urges Europe to strengthen its defenses and to be “respected.”


After a disagreement with the United States, Emmanuel Macron urges Europe to strengthen its defenses and to be “respected.”

In light of France’s submarine disagreement with the United States, French President Emmanuel Macron urged neighboring European countries to strengthen their defenses and establish themselves as “recognized,” according to the Associated Press.

When the United States and the United Kingdom agreed to deliver nuclear-powered submarines to Australia instead of diesel-electric submarines, France lost a multibillion-dollar contract. Macron made the remarks at a press conference in Paris, commenting for the first time about the diplomatic spat that prompted France to recall its ambassador to the United States.

The US-Australia agreement was geared at bolstering defense in the Indo-Pacific, where China is becoming more assertive. In response to the measure, France’s president urged fellow Europeans to “break out of their ignorance” and ask for more demonstrations of European power.

“Showing that we too have power and the capacity to protect ourselves…is simply making ourselves be respected when we are under pressure,” he stated during the press conference.

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Macron stated that Ambassador Philippe Etienne will return to Washington on Wednesday with a “clear mandate.” He emphasized that he and US President Joe Biden agreed last week in a phone call to begin in-depth consultations aimed at establishing the circumstances for the old partners to maintain trust.

Macron said he will speak with Biden again in mid-October, ahead of a planned in-person meeting in Europe at the end of next month.

The United States are “great historical friends and partners in terms of values,” Macron said, but “we must understand that the Americans have been focusing on themselves for more than 10 years and have strategic objectives reoriented toward China and the Pacific.”

“As Europeans, we must play a role in our own defense,” he stated.

“It is neither an alternative nor a substitute for the alliance with the United States,” the president stated, adding that European defense preparations should be pursued in addition to NATO.

Macron commented after signing a defense deal with Greece on Tuesday, which included Athens purchasing three warships valued several billion euros.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated, “The discussion on European strategic autonomy has begun to take on genuine substance.”

The European Union intends to conduct a defense meeting next year, with France hosting the event. This is a condensed version of the information.


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