After a boat sinks in Africa, more than 130 people are reported missing.


After a boat sinks in Africa, more than 130 people are reported missing.

On Wednesday, a boat carrying 200 people in northwest Nigeria’s Kebbi state broke apart and drowned.

The governor of Kebbi’s communications aide, Yahaya Sarki, stated the “locally manufactured wooden boat capsized mid-water.” The bodies are still being found. For the time being, we are unable to determine the number.”

Only 22 survivors have been recovered, according to Abdullahi Buhari Wara, the administrative head of Ngaski district, while officials say more than 130 people are still missing. According to them, one body was discovered.

Others are being rescued by local authorities and divers, but they are not optimistic that many will be discovered.

According to the BBC, the majority of passengers on the boat traveling from Niger to Kebbi were women and children, as well as traders and miners.

Many of the passengers were returning from a recently discovered gold mine in Niger, which could have contributed to the ship’s drowning. According to Wara, the boat was most likely laden with sand from the gold mine.

The boat was also highly overloaded, according to the BBC, as it was never designed to carry more than 80 passengers at a time.

According to Reuters, boats in Nigeria have a history of overloading with people or colliding into tree trunks beneath the surface without adequate safety protocols, resulting in events in which dozens of lives are at risk of being lost.

An overcrowded boat in Niger sank earlier this month after hitting a trunk under the water, killing 30 people. That disaster resulted in the rescue of 65 individuals.


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