According to reports, the United Kingdom would no longer check COVID documentation for visitors from certain countries.


According to reports, the United Kingdom would no longer check COVID documentation for visitors from certain countries.

According to leaked government documents cited by British media on Wednesday, UK border agents will stop reviewing COVID documentation, such as proof of a negative test, for tourists from specified countries. According to the Associated Press, the restriction applies to tourists entering the United Kingdom from nations on the green and amber lists, which represent the two highest levels in the government’s three-tiered classification system for overseas travel.

The UK government has relaxed quarantine rules for nations on the Amber List, which includes most of Europe. According to the Associated Press, the shift raised concerns that airport immigration lines will take hours to clear for holiday tourists.

According to the Guardian, the decision to suspend inspecting COVID documents of tourists from specified nations was a response to these worries, as it would speed up the immigration check process for some persons. Every tourist entering the United Kingdom is still required to fill out a passenger locator form and have a negative COVID-19 test.

While the law may shorten immigration lines, it has raised concerns about the spread of COVID as the number of cases in the country rises. According to an aggregate of data on the Johns Hopkins University 2019 Novel Coronavirus Visual Dashboard, the United Kingdom recorded more than 46,000 new cases on Tuesday, with the seven-day average approaching 47,000 new cases every day.

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Fully vaccinated travelers from most amber-list countries are no longer obliged to self-isolate once they arrive in the United Kingdom as of this week. Despite the fact that France is an amber destination, travelers arriving from France must still self-isolate due to concerns about virus strains circulating there. Anyone arriving from a nation on the red list must stay in a government-approved hotel at their own expense.

According to the Guardian, the government declined to comment on the leak, but emphasised that airlines must still examine coronavirus evidence before passengers board planes.

Border Force staff have also been advised not to challenge COVID documentation, according to Lucy Moreton, professional officer for the union that represents border, immigration, and customs workers.

“Certainly, it will dramatically cut queue times and, ideally, the quantity of verbal abuse that Border Force employees face,” Moreton told the BBC.

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