A video of a jumpy woman being scared every morning by coworkers has gone viral.


A video of a jumpy woman being scared every morning by coworkers has gone viral.

A video of a jittery woman being startled by coworkers each morning has been viewed millions of times.

Deb, from Australia, had the same reaction to simple “hi,” “hello,” or “good morning” greetings. She screams, swears, and every now and then throws an abuse at the cameraman, presenter Dan Anstey.

Anstey, who hosts a variety of shows in Australia, including Hit Gold Coast radio and TV show The Project, posted the humorous film to his TikTok profile. Anstey, who lives on the Gold Coast, compiled a collection of video and published them on Wednesday. His video has been seen more than 4.5 million times.

“Introducing Deb,” he simply captioned it. “Hi Deb,” “scare cam,” “scare,” and “Deb cam” were among the hashtags he used. Deb may be seen searching through papers, filing documents, conversing on the phone, typing at her computer, and rummaging in her desk drawer in the compilation.

Regardless of Anstey’s different efforts, including coughing and handing her a roll of tape, she always acts scared.

“I don’t genuinely know how to not scare her this is as courteous as I can be,” he added some on-screen captions. “Just trying to be helpful,” Anstey remarked as he placed the scotch tape on her desk.

He approaches Deb in the middle of a conversation in one episode, but Deb manages not to scream as she informs Anstey, “You’re an arse.” “I hope that wasn’t someone important,” he said in an on-screen caption.

Deb’s amazing (and predicted) response has gone viral online, with Jackson Fryer joking, “Imagine Deb in a horror movie.”

Katie Jay wrote, “Quite probably the jitteriest person I’ve ever seen.”

“Deb needs a private office,” Sambutlet542 reasoned.

“I want a coworker like Deb,” Danny Tran quipped.

“Deb is a legend,” Bread Tomato said.

TikToker wrote, “Open workplace is clearly not for her.”

“Deb needs a corner office so she can see you better,” Liz McNelis said.

“How is she not anticipating this after all this time?” Kaystarr wondered.

“The most terrified individual in the history of terrified people!” claimed Graham Shep Sheppard. Aha, I’m dying.”

Nikki complimented her, saying, “Good morning, Deb.” I’ll never understand how you put up with @Dan Anstey.”

Kimi Howard explained her unusual reaction by saying, “It’s called high startle reflex.”

This was demonstrated in the video. This is a condensed version of the information.


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