A TikTok video of a woman’s 9/11 diary entry has gone viral.


A TikTok video of a woman’s 9/11 diary entry has gone viral.

A woman’s childhood narrative of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which she wrote in her journal at the time, has gone viral online, stunning some young TikTok viewers.

The anonymous TikTok user goes by the handle @deardiary90s kid and goes by the online moniker “Emotional Rollercoaster.” She uses the account to post daily journal entries from her youth from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Many of her other films deal with amusing issues such as meeting new people, coping with family, and dating her boyfriend at the moment.

Her page took a darker turn last week as the daily video focused on her September 11, 2001 journal post. She summarizes the worldwide anxieties that arose in response to the devastating assault on the United States, noting that she is a Canadian.

@deardiary90s kid @deardiary90s kid @deardiary90s

The 11th of September, 2001. I’m not sure I’ll ever forget it. #911 #september11 #fy #foryou #deardiary

Emotional Rollercoaster is the original sound.

She wrote, “Holy f**k today was INSANE.” “Planes collided with tall buildings in New York City. We spent the entire day at school watching the news, and the principal allowed me to contact my father [who worked in America]to check on him. I was terrified.

“[Everyone] was joking there might bomb the bridge and tunnel to f**k up the border,” she wrote.

Her father was able to come home safely, but she observed how much about what would happen next in North America was still unclear.

She wrote, “Dad made it home okay.” “We’re still going to school tomorrow because no one knows if Canada is in danger or not, so we’re just expected to act normal.”

She pondered, “So many people, police officers, and firefighters killed.” “It’s so unreal, I’m so afraid of Trev [her best friend, according to another video entry]going to West Virginia. He’d try to join a war because America is mad and he’s a redneck.”

The diary entries and the anonymous TikToker’s allegations could not be independently verified by Washington Newsday.

Since its posting, the video has been viewed over 84,000 times and liked by nearly 16,000 TikTokers, many of whom reflected on the historical importance of the diary entry.

“This is a genuine historical document. This was. This is a brief summary.


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