A thief steals a handbag containing a $150,000 lottery ticket.


A thief steals a handbag containing a $150,000 lottery ticket.

A man was detained after he allegedly purchased a home with money he supposedly won via a lottery ticket found inside a stolen handbag.

The Olive Press reported on Wednesday that employees of the Guardia Civil, the local police department, detained an anonymous 52-year-old man in Valencia, Spain, on May 31 for allegedly stealing a purse containing a winning lottery ticket on December 19, 2020.

The man is accused of taking the purse from a restaurant in Novelda, which is located south of Valencia. When it was hanging on the back of the victim’s chair, he allegedly grabbed it from her.

The Olive Press uncovered security camera footage that showed a man appearing to be on the phone as he strolled past the woman, before covering the stolen bag with his jacket and leaving the eatery.

The bag included €950 ($1,155) in cash and a ticket for the El Gordo Lottery’s special Christmas draw, according to The Olive Press.

Three days later, on December 22, 2020, the ticket won the second-place reward of €125,000 ($152,006) in the annual draw.

The individual is accused of subsequently falsely claiming the funds and using the cash to purchase a home in Alzira, a Valencian town.

According to EuroWeeklyNews, the victim first just reported the theft of the purse to the police on the evening it was stolen, but when she understood the enormity of the crime, she expanded her complaint on the day of the draw.

According to EuroWeeklyNews, the man was caught at the house he is accused of buying with the stolen lottery ticket and has since been released from detention with charges. He has a long history of theft, according to EuroWeeklyNews.

The Guardia Civil has been approached by Washington Newsday for comment.

Last week, a guy was detained in the Polish town of Ilawa after reportedly stealing 591 scratch cards from a retailer in the hopes of collecting the wins.

The 22-year-old defendant is suspected of taking 2500 Polish zlotys (about $680) in tickets.

“Despite scratching 591 coupons, [he]did not win anything,” according to a statement from the local police department. “Now he will explain his behavior. This is a brief summary.


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