A family home filled with grain after the campaign by Marcus Rashford inspires brothers.


EJ Atherton, 11, and his brother Joseph, 10, started the campaign on Friday and asked people to donate money or cereal so that no children would have to go without breakfast.

Two brothers, inspired by Marcus Rashford’s campaign for free school meals, received a mountain of cereal after their crusade “Operation Breakfast”.

A video posted by the boys’ mother shows their dining room filled to the ceiling with boxes of cereals collected during “Operation Breakfast”.

Their mother, Joanne, 47, said: “On Friday they came up with the idea and invented the slogan ‘buy breakfast to give breakfast’.

What they thought was a small project to help a few children has now filled their house with mountains of cereal boxes from people who make friendly donations.

She explained the boys’ idea to buy and collect only muesli to give to the local food bank.

“They made a little video with an appeal that we posted on my Facebook page and within the first ten minutes they had donated 40 pounds. And from then on it just kept growing”.

Joanne said she and her husband Eric were shocked that the boys’ campaign brought in over £700 in PayPal donations and over 50 deliveries over the weekend from people bringing packages of grain to their door.

“We tried to buy the biggest boxes we could.”

She said, “They wanted to keep it simple. We thought the milk was cheap enough to buy, but the grain might be more expensive.

Joanne’s Facebook page features numerous videos of children and their parents from the local community in Bootle dropping off boxes of cereal at the family’s front door.

As a result, her entire living room is now filled with a mountain of grain that will be donated to a food bank in Sefton at the end of the week.

Joanne told ECHO a few weeks earlier that they would like to do something similar, but several family members developed a corona virus that had to be postponed.

In addition to the campaign, Joanne said her boys also enjoy the experience of people coming to the house and giving donations.

She said, “They got off their Xboxes and went outside and giggled with people. It was very nice.”

On Friday, the muesli that takes up space in the family home will be transported in two vans to the food banks, who are said to be “overjoyed” with the donation.


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