A COVID-19-treated 8-year-old boy developed a rare side effect that resulted in heart failure.


A COVID-19-treated 8-year-old boy developed a rare side effect that resulted in heart failure.

After contracting COVID-19, which caused an uncommon reaction in his body, an 8-year-old kid was on the verge of death. After suffering from heart failure, the youngster, who was diagnosed with Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (PIMS), was placed in an induced coma.

On Oct. 11, Cameron Brown of Stonehaven, Scotland, tested positive for the virus. After the boy’s friend contracted the virus, his mother had him tested, according to Wales Online.

“When I arrived home, we ran a lateral flow test, and the two lines showed up, so we immediately isolated him.” Cameron’s mother, Lorraine, told the news site, “He was a little fatigued in the first few days, but after that, he was bouncing on the sofas and back to his usual self.”

Cameron’s neck developed a bump three weeks later, on November 2. His body was covered in rashes. Doctors initially assumed it was due to his lymph glands. He also experienced a temperature, which they suspected was caused by the flu shot.

Cameron’s condition, however, began to deteriorate, his vision blurred, and the fever remained high. By that time, he had ceased eating. After being taken to an emergency room, doctors discovered the kid had PIMS.

Lorraine was told by doctors that the rare illness only affects children who have a strong immune system and no other health problems.

“It’s almost as if your immune system is overly powerful, and it clears COVID too rapidly.” So the youngsters don’t have any symptoms – or if they do, they’re very minor – and they’re at risk of developing PIMS,” she told Wales Online.

“Because the body has mostly recovered from COVID but the immune system still believes it is battling the virus, it ramps up to the point where the immune system attacks the body and inflames the major organs,” she explained.

Cameron’s heart had stopped working, so doctors put him in a medically induced coma. The doctors were also able to stabilize his body sufficiently for the steroids to work. Thankfully, the child made a full recovery and is now back at home after a lengthy stay in the hospital.

“He’s had some brain fog and has been complaining of leg cramps,” his mother noted, “but he’s been through a lot.”

The family also wishes to spread the word to other parents about the problem.

“I would advise other parents who have children under the age of 16 who have had COVID to. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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