16 new areas in England, which will receive the highest Tier 3 restrictions starting tomorrow.


Nottinghamshire entered Stage 3 on Friday morning, while West Yorkshire will enter the highest alert level from Monday.

Another 16 areas in England will soon be under the strictest coronavirus restrictions as the number of patients in hospital continues to rise.

A rapid increase in cases has triggered the response

The new data, released on Thursday, also showed that 743 Covid-19 patients were in ventilator beds in England on Tuesday, compared to 560 the same day the previous week.

The new NHS England data show that the number of hospital beds in England occupied by confirmed coronavirus patients more than doubled within two weeks from 4,105 on October 13 to 8,595 on Tuesday.

The NHS testing and tracing system recorded the highest weekly number of positive cases to date, while a study by Imperial College London found that almost 100,000 people caught Covid-19 every day.

Following a rapid expansion during the summer, the NHS now has over 30,000 mechanical ventilators at its disposal, although most of these are kept in reserve to be used when needed.

Experts believe a more national approach is needed to counter the soaring infection rate, as opposed to the three-tier system, and Home Secretary Priti Patel said the government would not rule anything out.

The latest data from the testing and tracing system shows that a total of 126,065 people tested positive for Covid-19 at least once a week until October 21, an increase of 23% over the previous week and the highest weekly number since the program began in late May.

With France introducing a second ban from Friday and Germany imposing a four-week partial ban, there is pressure on the British government to respond “harder and faster”.

The government announced on Thursday that another 280 people had died within 28 days of the positive test result for Covid-19 and that there had been 23,065 additional laboratory confirmed cases in the UK.

Following detailed discussions with local leaders, the following areas will be changed from the local COVID alarm level “medium” to the local COVID alarm level “high” starting Saturday, October 31, 00:01 am.


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