You can get paid $25k to eat burgers and get free sauces for the rest of your life if you do so.


You can get paid $25k to eat burgers and get free sauces for the rest of your life if you do so.

If nothing beats a fresh-from-the-grill burger, the perfect opportunity has just presented itself.

Heinz is looking for its first-ever “burger artist” to travel the country sampling the best burgers. The applicant will be sent on four two-night excursions by the well-known sauce firm, and the lucky foodie will receive $25,000 in addition to lifelong free condiments.

The artist and a friend will be sent to Puerto Rico, as well as two other destinations in the United States of their choosing, such as Hawaii or Alaska. Each city will receive $500 in spending money.

A trip to Heinz HQ in Chicago to consult on the company’s next “condiment innovation” is also included in the arrangement. They’ll be staying in the company’s Bed n’ Burger, which has burger-themed decor.

To be considered for the position of official artist, simply submit a fantastic burger idea via the official website, Twitter, or Instagram, using the hashtag #ArtoftheBurger.

You’ll need to name your burger and write a brief description for it. They’ll be rated on their originality, presentation, construction, and sauces.

“What makes a burger a work of art?” Heinz remarked, describing how they’ll be judged. The interaction of its elements! Is it a maximalist approach? Are you a minimalist? Does it employ an abstract arrangement of ingredients?

“Make sure your snapshot conveys every ounce of effort, nuance of delectability, and morsel of meaning. Will your burger masterwork stand the test of time? That is to say, can it literally stand on a plate and be served?

“We’re looking for a sauce to be central to the burger’s theme. If it’s going to taste like art, let’s make sure we can identify the medium.”

There are seven categories to enter in—ketchup, mustard, mayo, BBQ, flavor combinations, relish and freestyle.

Every week up until the end of the contest, in August, a winner will be chosen across all the categories, before seven—one from each category—are selected for the grand final. The winner will then be decided from that pool.

Ashleigh Gibson, brand director at Heinz, said: “Here at HEINZ, we recognize the magic in making memories on burger night thanks to the way our condiments are used to create unique burger masterpieces. Through our ‘Art of the Burger’. This is a brief summary.


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