Worker at a Movie Theater Makes a Claim Popcorn in small and medium sizes are actually the same size.


Worker at a Movie Theater Makes a Claim Popcorn in small and medium sizes are actually the same size.

After declaring that there is no difference in size between small and medium popcorns, a former movie theater staff has sparked debate online.

June Long, a TikTok user who stated he had given his two-week notice, presented a conversation with a customer in which he explained that tiny and medium popcorns have the same amount of popcorn in them.

He said in the video, “We got huge, regular, and junior,” pointing to large and regular buckets as well as a tiny bag.

Long, impersonating a customer, asked, “Could I get the medium popcorn, no, that’s too much, could I just get the small?” He noted the price of $7.35 after filling the little bag.

When the customer realized the small was too little and asked for a regular, he just dumped the contents of the bag into the bucket and increased the price to $8.44.

He captioned the video, “If you’re going to the movies, just order a small or large, no in between.”


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Despite the fact that it has received over one million likes, not all viewers believe his claim, with some pointing out a few logical errors.

Granted, the popcorn doesn’t fill the medium bucket as well as it did the small bag, demonstrating that there is a difference in capacity between the two—albeit a minor one.

A TikTok fan pointed this out in the comments, pushing the staff to fill the popcorn bag to the brim, just like the bag was, to make it a fair argument. They wrote, “You’re supposed to round it off, it should be over the bowl line.” “As a previous concessionist, this hurts me.”

Others have also remarked that between the first and second shots, more popcorn appears to have been added to the small popcorn before it was put into the bucket, giving the impression that there is less popcorn than there actually is when the medium is filled.

This isn’t the first time that portion sizes have been questioned. This is a condensed version of the information.


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