Woman Defends TikToker for Controversial Song Cover: “Men Have Problems, Too”


Woman Defends TikToker for Controversial Song Cover: “Men Have Problems, Too”

“Men have f**ing problems, too,” one lady called Ky stated in a now-viral TikTok video on Wednesday. The video was made in response to a TikTok video that was posted last month. Laurence (@lllarsonmusic) sings an original cover of Bella Poarch’s “Build a Btch” called “Build A Dude” in that post. Many women—and some men—were outraged by Laurence’s song, claiming that he was “silenc[ing]women’s difficulties.” Ky, on the other hand, came to Laurence’s rescue in a video that has over 600,000 views.

The song by Poarch is about body image. “There’s a great amount of pressure that society and the internet put on individuals to appear flawless or be a certain way,” Poarch remarked in an interview with Billboard. My entire idea with ‘Build a B*tch’ is to show people that they don’t have to be perfect.”

The song is told from the perspective of a woman and discusses the media and cultural expectations placed on women’s bodies; however, Laurence’s version is sung from the masculine perspective. He sings in his TikTok:

“This ain’t no way to raise a man / You don’t get to pick and choose what you want / Abdominals and shoulders with six packs / Terry Crews’ bouncing pecs / This ain’t build a dude / You know we have feelings, too / Hey, nobody’s perfect, just be cool with you.”


#buildabitvh or #buildadude @bellapoarch @terrycrews

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Many commenters were quick to share their distaste for the song.

“Why does every women empowerment song have a male alternative,” said one commenter. “It feels like gaslighting at this point.”

“Our voices always get silenced by men,” said another.

Ky, frustrated with the video’s commenters, jumped to Laurence’s defense.

“I need to talk about this really quick [sic],” she says at the start of her TikTok. “The comments on that video are basically pissed off women. They’re saying that this man is silencing women’s voices and issues by making a gender-bent version of a song.

“And I just wanted to say, if you’re one of those people that’s pissed off by that, shut the f**k up,” she continues.

Ky claims that Laurence created his version because the original song inspired him. It’s natural he. This is a brief summary.


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