Witnesses report that a lightning strike destroyed the George Floyd mural.


Witnesses report that a lightning strike destroyed the George Floyd mural.

Witnesses claim that a mural honoring the late George Floyd crumbled after being struck by lightning.

The artwork in Toledo, Ohio, which was painted after Floyd’s death last year, has been reduced to rubble in photos.

Toledo Police said witnesses reported lightning striking the structure at around 4:30 p.m. local time on Tuesday, according to local ABC affiliate WTVG.

At that time, 13abc stated that its Doppler radar, a weather monitoring instrument, detected a strike in the vicinity.

According to WTOL11, a witness reportedly told Toledo Fire and Rescue Department that lightning struck the structure before it collapsed, which the department confirmed caused the wall to fall.

Police had subsequently roped off the location, where the pile of bricks that created the artwork remained, according to photos circulating on social media.

The building’s owner, according to WTVG, was already clearing up the rubble and tearing down the rest of the artwork.

A representative for the city of Toledo told the broadcaster that preparations for a new mural are in the works, and that alternative places for the artwork are being considered.

The George Floyd Memorial mural has been demolished at Summit and Lagrange in Toledo. There hasn’t been any news yet about the circumstances. pic.twitter.com/SkB2eDhijB#13abc

July 13, 2021 — Shaun Hegarty (@Shaun Hegarty)

While witnesses reported seeing lightning, it was unclear whether the hit was the actual cause of the fall.

The fall of the painting could have also been caused by natural decay, according to Hugh Koogan, one of Toledo’s construction inspectors.

Building inspectors had lately noticed the center part of the wall, which had sustained the majority of the damage on Tuesday, had begun to bow.

“It was just my age,” says the narrator. Koogan was quoted as stating, “It just came gone.” “Older buildings are prone to this.”

The Toledo Police Department, Toledo Fire & Rescue Department, and the City of Toledo have all been approached for comment by this website.

In July 2020, artist David Ross completed the artwork. On the first anniversary of Floyd’s death, a memorial service was organized, with scenes mirrored at comparable locations across the country.

It was painted on the structure that once housed the Mugshots Bar. This is a condensed version of the information.


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