With the United States’ decision not to rejoin Open Skies, Russia now has only one treaty agreement.


With the United States’ decision not to rejoin Open Skies, Russia now has only one treaty agreement.

Following the announcement by the Biden administration on Thursday that the US will not be re-entering the Open Skies Deal, the US now has only one arms-control treaty with Russia.

The Open Skies Treaty permits the interested countries to freely fly over other countries to obtain military information in an effort to improve trust between Russia and the West. Last year, the Trump administration removed the United States from the treaty, which Biden examined once he joined office.

The remaining New START Treaty with Russia may have expired earlier this year due to the Trump administration’s inaction, but when Biden took office, he gave it a five-year extension. On Thursday, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman told Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov of the US intention to leave Open Skies.

According to the Associated Press, Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet on June 16 in Geneva, Switzerland, to address the US-Russian relationship’s collapse.

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Last year, the Trump administration announced the United States’ withdrawal from the treaty, and Russia’s lower house of parliament voted to follow suit last week. However, until Thursday, both parties claimed that the pact could still be salvaged. Officials from Russia stated they would reconsider their pullout if the US did the same.

The Federation Council, Russia’s upper house of parliament, was anticipated to pass the withdrawal law on June 2, and after Putin signed it, the Russian exit would take six months to take effect.

The deal, which was widely backed by US friends in Europe and Democrats in Congress as a trust-building step between the former Cold War foes, appears to be coming to an end with Thursday’s announcement.

Trump claimed that Russian infractions rendered it impossible for the United States to remain a signatory to the deal. The United States withdrew from the treaty in November, but the Biden administration has stated that it is open to rejoining it.

Officials from the Biden administration emphasized the administration’s willingness to work with Russia on matters of common importance, as well as the extension of New START, which was signed in 2010. This is a condensed version of the information.


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