With the recall election underway, Gavin Newsom blasts Larry Elder’s claims of election fraud.


With the recall election underway, Gavin Newsom blasts Larry Elder’s claims of election fraud.

Governor Gavin Newsom has slammed Republican challenger Larry Elder’s claims that the election’s integrity is in jeopardy as California voters decide whether to keep or recall him.

On Monday, NBC’s Jacob Soboroff asked the conservative radio personality if he would accept the election results regardless of whether Elder won or lost on Tuesday. In response, the candidate declined to say yes or no, instead giving several variations of the same answer.

“I believe we should all be concerned about election integrity,” Elder stated. “Whether you’re a Democrat, Independent, or Republican, let’s all work together to ensure that the election is free and fair.”

According to CNN, Elder reportedly told reporters on September 8 that he believes the recall election would be rigged, but that he still expects to win because “so many Californians are outraged about what’s going on.”

Soboroff contacted Newsom in San Francisco on Election Day and asked him to reply to Elder’s remarks.

“What that message conveys to Americans all around the country is that the vote doesn’t matter, that the whole thing is rigged,” he explained. “They are attempting to deconstruct democracy and trust in our country, our very country.”

“Look, I couldn’t give less [sic]what he does,” he continued. I’ll accept the voters’ will, no matter what it is, period, end of story. Is it even possible that they’re tinkering with this and destroying trust and confidence? That is significant and has a meaningful influence across the country… I’ll tell you what, the irony of it all, and it is an irony, is that it will weaken the Republican Party by informing their voters that their vote doesn’t matter. As a result, it’s a huge deal.”

Prior to Tuesday, Elder’s campaign website appeared to link to a site claiming Governor Newsom had survived the recall. Prior to the vote on September 14, the page was accessible.

On Election Eve, the No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen Twitter account highlighted a part of the second site that claimed, “California recall candidate Larry Elder has launched a ‘anti-voter fraud’ website that accidentally already states Gavin Newsom won the recall election.” Tomorrow is election day.”

Brian Klaas is a Global Associate Professor. This is a condensed version of the information.


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