With the help of a potbelly pig, an exotic wild cat manages to escape from a petting zoo.


With the help of a potbelly pig, an exotic wild cat manages to escape from a petting zoo.

At a North Carolina petting zoo, this huge cat isn’t the only wayward animal.

After a potbelly pig helped him escape from an exotic animal show earlier this week, an African cat was spotted in a viral video prowling a nearby stretch of highway.

An African serval escaped from its petting zoo enclosure in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, according to a story from WRAL.

Candid Cobb took footage of the serval’s escape and posted it to her Facebook page. In the caption, she said, “Y’all be on your toes outchea in Pinetops.”

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The footage of the serval wandering calmly alongside a North Carolina highway has been viewed nearly 40,000 times. Cobb told WRAL that while driving her daughter home from softball practice, she confused the huge spotted wild cat common to Sub-Saharan Africa for a leopard.

She told the publication, “We observed that it was like a leopard or whatever it was that was on the side of the road.” “It was quite strange at the time. Why is this animal here, for example? ”

The owner of the It’s a Zoo Life petting zoo, Bobbie Joe Abrams, subsequently learned from a friend that a spotted cat was on the loose, and that it might belong to her wild animal display.

In a statement to KVOA, Abrams stated, “This has had to be your cat down here.” She allegedly grabbed some raw meat and dashed to catch the cat, King Sparta, as he approached a woman’s house near the highway.

“He rushes out and smells the meat. She said, “I put it in the kennel, and he stepped right in, and we carried him home.”

King Sparta is suspected to have escaped his confinement with the help of a potbelly pig named Oliver in the pen next door, according to Abrams.

“As a result, he routed and rooted,” she told the newspaper. “That rooter is a solid muscle, and he kept going. This is a quick recap.”


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